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Tricked eSport
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Team Information
Org LocationDenmark Denmark
Team LocationDenmark Denmark
Owner(s)Morten "Physical" Jensen
Seier Capital
Fractal Design
Created2012-??-?? Organization
2013-??-?? FIFA Division
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Tricked eSport is a Danish team.


On December 5th 2017, Vejle Boldklub invested the biggest amount of money into the organization and becomes main stakeholder. That is Tricked eSports' biggest investment in history.[1]


  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Joined
Denmark LordHjorth Mikkel Bach Playstation 2017-12-30
Denmark Esser Jacob Esholm Playstation 2017-12-30
Denmark Arrow Alen Barakovic Playstation 2018-09-24
Denmark Bech Mads Bech Andersen Playstation 2019-07-21


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Denmark JoeFromDenmark Joe Nørregaard Xbox Hobro IKlogo std.pngHobro IK 2018-10-26 2019-05-31
Denmark Kragelund Jacob Kragelund Playstation AaB Fodboldlogo std.pngAaB Fodbold 2018-09-24 2019-01-31
Denmark The Kid Wahed Obayd Playstation FC Midtjyllandlogo std.pngFC Midtjylland 2017-02-10 2018-09-15
Denmark Hassanplayer Hassan Al-Saraf Playstation Randers FC Esportlogo std.pngRanders FC Esport 2016-05-31 2017-12-20
Denmark Al-Bacha Mahamed Al-Bacha Playstation Randers FC Esportlogo std.pngRanders FC Esport 2016-02-06 2017-12-20
Denmark KegleKongen Claes Hansen Playstation Logo std.pngOdense eSport 2015-08-31 2017-07-06
Sweden Erikzzon Simon Eriksson Playstation Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2015-04-27 2017-07-06
Denmark Pilm Jesper Pilm Playstation Brøndby IFlogo std.pngBrøndby IF 2015-08-31 2017-01-11
Denmark Kongen Lasse Bækkelund Playstation Logo std.pngSørby eSport 2014-10-11 2016-01-31
Sweden Afro Lucas Wallmann Playstation Hammarby IF E-sportlogo std.pngHammarby IF 2014-10-11 2015-11-05
Denmark MrSuit Anders Bollerup Playstation
2014-01-31 2015-08-31
Denmark ExpectSporting Marcus Jørgensen Playstation Marienlyst Esportlogo std.pngMarienlyst Esport 2014-10-11 2015-08-31
Denmark Oli Oliver Døssing Playstation
2013-??-?? 2014-10-11
Denmark Barnewitz Daniel Barnewitz Playstation Chiefs of Copenhagenlogo std.pngChiefs of Copenhagen 2013-??-?? 2014-09-27
Denmark Agge August Rosenmeier Playstation Chiefs of Copenhagenlogo std.pngChiefs of Copenhagen 2014-05-08 2014-07-15



C ID Name Position
Denmark Physical Morten Jensen Owner
Denmark PMVejle Peter Møldrup General Manager
Denmark Brylle Kent Brylle FIFA Manager & Coach

Team Results

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon PS4.png2019-07-1403306433 - 64$ 500GSQlogo small.png FIFA 19 Global Series PS4 PlayoffsLordHjorth
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon PS4.png2019-04-2703306433 - 64ECLlogo small.png eChampions League 2019 Group StageLordHjorth
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon XBoxPS4.png2019-03-1001703217 - 32$ 250FUTlogo small.png FUT Champions Cup 2019 MarchLordHjorth
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon XBoxPS4.png2019-02-090090169 - 16$ 1,500FECWClogo small.png FIFA eClub World Cup 2019Esser • LordHjorth
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon XBoxPS4.png2019-01-2703306433 - 64$ 500FUTlogo small.png FUT Champions Cup 2019 JanuaryLordHjorth
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon XBoxPS4.png2018-12-160090169 - 16FUTlogo small.png FUT Champions Cup 2018 DecemberLordHjorth
Total Prize: USD 2,750

As Vejle Boldklub

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
GameIcon FIFA20.pngGameIcon PS4.png2019-12-070060006kr. 15,000ESuperliga 2018logo std.png eSuperliga Season 3LordHjorth • Bech • Arrow • Esser
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon PS4.png2019-04-100060006kr. 15,000ESuperliga 2018logo std.png eSuperliga Season 2LordHjorth • JoeFromDenmark • Mr Lilleys • Arrow
GameIcon FIFA19.pngGameIcon PS4.png2018-12-120020002kr. 75,000ESuperliga 2018logo std.png eSuperliga Season 1LordHjort • Kragelund • JoeFromDenmark • Esser
Total Prize: DKK 105,000




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