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Featured Events
Knockout Stage
FIFA eClub World Cup 2019.jpg
Feb 9 - Feb 10
Knockout Stage

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Manchester Citylogo std.pngMCI 1
  Dijon FCOlogo std.pngDFCO 2
  Dijon FCOlogo std.pngDFCO 1
  FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe 0
  FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe 2
  AFC Ajax eSportslogo std.pngAjax 1
  Dijon FCOlogo std.pngDFCO 0
  KiNG eSportslogo std.pngKiNG 2
  Futbolistlogo std.pngFIST 2
  Wolverhampton Wandererslogo std.pngWOL 1
  Futbolistlogo std.pngFIST 1
  KiNG eSportslogo std.pngKiNG 2
  KiNG eSportslogo std.pngKiNG 2
  The Imperiallogo std.pngImperial 1

March 04
PS4system icon.png Northlogo std.pngNorth MadsR joins.
February 16
XboxPS4system icon.png Chelsealogo std.pngCHE Jas1875 from Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy and Ryan from Hashtag Unitedlogo std.pngHashtag United will represent Chelsea at ePremier League 2019.
February 14
XboxPS4system icon.png Southamptonlogo std.pngSOU LP Rusher from Lightning Pandaslogo std.pngLightning Pandas and Veen from Methodlogo std.pngMethod will represent Southampton at ePremier League 2019.
XboxPS4system icon.png Odense Boldklub Esportlogo std.pngOB Hagelquist joins.
XboxPS4system icon.png Randers FC Esportlogo std.pngRFC Hagelquist leaves academy team.
PS4system icon.png Esbjerg fB Esportlogo std.pngEfB Kongen joins.
February 13
PS4system icon.png FC Midtjyllandlogo std.pngFCM JeppeLK joins.
February 12
PS4system icon.png FC Helsingør Esportlogo std.pngFCH DonOli_ and Emil-M01 join. FIFAÜstun joins on loan from M10 Esportslogo std.pngM10 Esports.
PS4system icon.png Hobro IKlogo std.pngHOB Kølbæk joins.
PS4system icon.png Eastern Wizardslogo std.pngEW Kølbæk leaves.
PS4system icon.png AaB Fodboldlogo std.pngAaB Kragelund joins.
February 10
XboxPS4system icon.png
FECWClogo small.png
Gold.pngKiNG eSportslogo std.pngKiNG eSports Silver.pngDijon FCOlogo std.pngDijon FCO in the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019.
PS4system icon.png FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe Lev officially leaves.
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FENClogo small.png  
Apr 13 - Apr 14
  FIFA eNations Cup 2019
EPLlogo small.png  
Mar 28 - Mar 29
  ePremier League 2019
ESuperliga 2018logo std.png  
Feb 26 - Apr 10
  eSuperliga Season 2
ELAlogo small.png  
Feb 21 - Apr 25
  E-League Australia 2019
EDivisielogo small.png  
Jan 22 - TBA
  eDivisie 2018-19 Xbox
VBLlogo small.png  
Jan 16 - TBA
  V. Bundesliga 2019 Club Champ.
VLLlogo small.png  
Dec 3 - Apr 25
  Virtual LaLiga 2018-19
FUTlogo small.png  
Feb 22 - Feb 24
  FUT Champions Cup 2019 February
EMLSlogo small.png
Feb 17
  eMLS 2019 Series Two
FECWClogo small.png  
Feb 9 - Feb 10
  FIFA eClub World Cup 2019
GSQlogo small.png  
Feb 2 - Feb 3
  Gfinity FIFA Series 2019 February
EBLlogo small.png
Feb 2
  eBundesliga 2018-19 Individual
Assembly Logo Small.png
Feb 2
  FIFA 19 Nordics Invitational
FUTlogo small.png  
Jan 25 - Jan 27
  FUT Champions Cup 2019 January
EMLSlogo small.png
Jan 22
  eMLS 2019 Series One
GSQlogo small.png  
Jan 18 - Jan 20
  Gfinity FIFA Series 2019 January
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