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November 10
XboxPS4system icon.png
FUTlogo small.png
Gold.pngFnaticlogo std.png Tekkz Silver.pngWolverhampton Wandererslogo std.png Fifilza in the FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage 1.
November 7
XBoxsystem icon.png AS Roma Esportslogo std.pngRoma GoalMachine joins.
XBoxsystem icon.png Tundra Esportslogo std.pngTUN Msdossary joins.
XboxPS4system icon.png IFY eSportslogo std.pngIFY Mence, Rafsou, and Sneaky join.
XBoxsystem icon.png Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC Tekkz joins.
November 5
PS4system icon.png Future FClogo std.pngFFC Teca joins.
November 3
PCsystem icon.png
FCClogo small.png
Gold.pngNewbeelogo std.pngNewbee Silver.pngManchester Citylogo std.pngManchester City in the FIFA Online 4 Champion Cup 2019.
October 31
XBoxsystem icon.png Nomen Est Omenlogo std.pngNEO Gorilla and Stokes join.
PS4system icon.png Bayer 04 Leverkusenlogo std.pngB04 Deto joins.
October 29
PS4system icon.png Nashville SClogo std.pngNSC FIFA division is formed. Doolsta joins.
PS4system icon.png Philadelphia Unionlogo std.pngPHU Doolsta leaves.
October 25
PS4system icon.png FC Utrechtlogo std.pngUTR Melvin Boere joins.
PS4system icon.png Northlogo std.pngNorth Agge leaves.
October 23
PS4system icon.png FC Groningen eSportslogo std.pngGRO Levy joins.
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FUTlogo small.png  
Nov 22 - Nov 24
  FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage 2
EDivisielogo small.png  
Nov 11 - Feb 1
  eDivisie 19-20 Season 1
VBLlogo small.png  
Nov 5 - Feb 27
  V. Bundesliga 19-20 Club Champ.
FUTlogo small.png  
Nov 8 - Nov 10
  FUT 20 Champions Cup Stage 1
FCClogo small.png  
Nov 1 - Nov 3
  FIFA Online 4 Champion Cup 2019
DSClogo small.png  
Oct 18 - Oct 19
  DraftStory Cup II
VLLlogo small.png
Oct 9
  eLaLiga Showmatch Tournament
PPLlogo small.png  
Sep 8 - Sep 9
  People Premier League 2019
FIFA eWorld Cuplogo small.png  
Aug 2 - Aug 4
  FIFA eWorld Cup 2019
GSQlogo small.png  
Jul 12 - Jul 14
  FIFA Global Series PS4 Playoffs
National esoccer league.png  
Jun 1 - Jul 14
  National eSoccer League
GSQlogo small.png  
Jul 5 - Jul 7
  FIFA Global Series Xbox Playoffs
Nordic Masters logo small.png
Jun 16
  Nordic Masters
ECLlogo small.png
May 31
  eCL 2019 Finals
ELIlogo small.png
May 27
  e-Ligue 1 2018-19 Finals
EACClogo small.png  
May 18 - May 26
  EACC Spring 2019
Ekstraklasa Gameslogo small.png  
Mar 30 - May 26
  Ekstraklasa Games Season 1
EAllsvenskan logo small.png  
Mar 1 - May 25
  eAllsvenskan Season 1
EDivisielogo small.png
May 22
  eDivisie 2018-19 Finals
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