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August 21
PS4system icon.png Logo std.pngFUTU FIFAÜstun is set to join on October 1st 2019.
PS4system icon.png M10 Esportslogo std.pngM10 FIFAÜstun leaves.
August 17
PS4system icon.png FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04 Idealz leaves.
August 16
PS4system icon.png Werder Bremen eSportslogo std.pngWB Dr. Erhano joins. MoAuba leaves.
August 13
PS4system icon.png FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04 Eisvogel is set to leave at 31st, August 2019.
August 8
PS4system icon.png AGF Aarhuslogo std.pngAGF Anders Vejrgang joins.
August 4
XboxPS4system icon.png
FIFA eWorld Cuplogo small.png
Gold.pngWerder Bremen eSportslogo std.png MoAuba Silver.pngRoguelogo std.png Msdossary in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.
August 3
XBoxsystem icon.png Team FUTWIZlogo std.pngFWZ zelonius leaves.
August 2
XBoxsystem icon.png VfL Bochumlogo std.pngBOC KevinAssia is set to leave at 31st, August 2019.
July 29
XBoxsystem icon.png VfL Wolfsburglogo std.pngWOB DullenMIKE joins.
XBoxsystem icon.png SK Gaminglogo std.pngSK DullenMIKE leaves.
XBoxsystem icon.png 1. FC Kölnlogo std.pngKöln DullenMIKE leaves.
PS4system icon.png FC Nordsjællandlogo std.pngFCN The Kid joins as player and coach.
PCsystem icon.png PSG.LGDlogo std.pngP.LGD ManiiKa leaves.
XboxPS4system icon.png Paris Saint-Germain eSportslogo std.pngPSG Zack leaves coaching role.
XBoxsystem icon.png STARK Esportslogo std.pngSTARK Gorilla joins.
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FIFA eWorld Cuplogo small.png  
Aug 2 - Aug 4
  FIFA eWorld Cup 2019
GSQlogo small.png  
Jul 12 - Jul 14
  FIFA Global Series PS4 Playoffs
National esoccer league.png  
Jun 1 - Jul 14
  National eSoccer League
GSQlogo small.png  
Jul 5 - Jul 7
  FIFA Global Series Xbox Playoffs
Nordic Masters logo small.png
Jun 16
  Nordic Masters
ECLlogo small.png
May 31
  eCL 2019 Finals
ELIlogo small.png
May 27
  e-Ligue 1 2018-19 Finals
EACClogo small.png  
May 18 - May 26
  EACC Spring 2019
Ekstraklasa Gameslogo small.png  
Mar 30 - May 26
  Ekstraklasa Games Season 1
EAllsvenskan logo small.png  
Mar 1 - May 25
  eAllsvenskan Season 1
EDivisielogo small.png
May 22
  eDivisie 2018-19 Finals
ESPLlogo small.png
May 14
  eMBS Cup 2019
VBLlogo small.png  
May 10 - May 12
  Virtual Bundesliga 19 Finals
ESPLlogo small.png  
Feb 15 - May 10
  eSPL 2019
ELAlogo small.png
May 9
  E-League Australia 2019 Finals
FSLlogo small.png  
Apr 13 - May 5
  FSL Season 6
VLLlogo small.png  
Dec 3 - May 11
  Virtual LaLiga 2018-19
EJLlogo small.png
Apr 29
  eJ.LEAGUE Samsung SSD Cup 2019
EDivisielogo small.png  
Jan 22 - Apr 28
  eDivisie 2018-19 Xbox
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