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May 29
XBoxsystem icon.png Paris Saint-Germain eSportslogo std.pngPSG DaXe leaves.
May 28
XboxPS4system icon.png
VBLlogo small.png
Virtual Bundesliga 19-20 Finals will be held as an online tournament from June 24th to 28th.
May 27
PS4system icon.png
VLLlogo small.png
eLaliga will resume in June 8th with Grand Finals end in July 5th.
May 9
PS4system icon.png Levante UD eSportslogo std.pngLEV Maestro joins.
May 8
PS4system icon.png Cream Real Betislogo std.pngCRB Real Betis Esportslogo std.pngReal Betis Esports merge with Cream Esportslogo std.pngCream Esports. H1dalgo and Xexu join.
May 3
XBoxsystem icon.png Exeed Esportslogo std.pngExeed Ribera Ribell joins.
PCsystem icon.png
NESTlogo small.png
Gold.pngLNTS Shadow Creamlogo std.pngLNTS Shadow Cream Silver.pngLyon EDward Gaminglogo std.pngLyon EDward Gaming in the NTEST 2020.
May 1
XBoxsystem icon.png Mkerslogo std.pngMkers Ribera Ribell leaves.
April 29
PS4system icon.png Cagliari Calcio eSportslogo std.pngCAG Uprising_Cris joins.
April 26
PCsystem icon.png
FCClogo small.png
Gold.pngWolverhampton Wandererslogo std.pngWolverhampton Wanderers Silver.pngSharks Esports Clublogo std.pngSharks Esports Club in the FIFA Online 4 Champion Cup 2020.
April 25
PS4system icon.png
EPLlogo small.png
Gold.pngWolverhampton Wandererslogo std.png Diogo Jota Silver.pngLiverpoollogo std.png Trent Alexander-Arnold in the ePremier League Invitational.
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VLLlogo small.png  
Jul 4 - Jul 5
  eLaLiga 19-20 Finals
VBLlogo small.png  
Jun 24 - Jun 28
  V. Bundesliga 19-20 Finals
VLLlogo small.png  
Jun 22 - Jun 23
  eLaLiga 19-20 Online Tournament 3
VLLlogo small.png  
Jun 20 - Jun 21
  eLaLiga 19-20 Mid Season
VLLlogo small.png  
Jun 8 - Jun 10
  eLaLiga 19-20 Online Tournament 2
ESuperliga 2018logo std.png  
Mar 11 - Present
  eSuperliga Season 4
EDivisielogo small.png  
Mar 2 - Present
  eDivisie 19-20 Season 2
MEPLlogo small.png  
Jan 30 - Present
  Malta ePremier League 2019-20
NESTlogo small.png  
Apr 15 - May 3
  NEST 2020
FCClogo small.png  
Apr 23 - Apr 26
  FO4 Champion Cup 2020
TFTVlogo small.png  
Feb 10 - Present
  Preisgeld-Liga 2020 All-Stars
SITClogo small.png  
Apr 12 - Present
  STAY INtertoto Cup
EPLlogo small.png  
Apr 21 - Apr 25
  ePremier League Invitational
Electronic Arts logo.png  
Apr 15 - Apr 19
  FIFA 20 Stay and Play Cup
Leyton Orientlogo small.png  
Mar 22 - Apr 6
  Ultimate Quaran-Team
VLLlogo small.png  
Mar 20 - Mar 22
  LaLiga Santander Challenge
VBLlogo small.png  
Mar 7 - Mar 8
  V. Bundesliga 19-20 Playoffs
Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png  
Mar 17 - Mar 21
  StayAtHome: Italy meets Spain
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